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Red LED 0805, blue LED 0805.




They are all commonly used small lamp beads for patch indicator lights.

People choose small lamp beads for indicator lights, either 0805, 0602, or 1206.

What is red light emitting diode 0805 led lamp beads?

The red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp bead is a light-emitting diode based on semiconductor materials. The model is 0805. The size is 2.0mm long and 1.2mm wide. It creates a light effect when an electric current flows through the material. Red light-emitting diodes are widely used in indicator lights because of their bright red light and low power consumption.

You said: I still want to know more about 0805 light-emitting diodes.

You ask: What are the characteristics of red light-emitting diode 0805 led lamp beads?

I said: red light-emitting diode 0805 led lamp beads have the following characteristics:
1. Compact and portable: Small in size, suitable for use in situations with limited space, such as small household appliances, electronic products, automotive instruments, etc.
2. High brightness: red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp beads emit high brightness and can provide bright and vivid red light.
3. Low power consumption: Compared with other high-power red light-emitting diodes, 0805 SMD LED lamp beads have lower power consumption and save energy.
4. Long life: 0805 red light-emitting diodes have the same characteristics as other lamp beads, low voltage and low power consumption. The lamp beads have a long life, up to more than 50,000 hours, and are more durable than traditional lighting products.
5. The general current of 0805 red light beads is 20 mA, but the circuit design can be designed with adjustable brightness: for example, by adjusting the current size from 5 mA to 10 mA, or even 20 mA, the brightness of the red light-emitting diode can be flexibly controlled. Meet different indicator light needs.

You ask, in what fields are red light-emitting diodes 0805 SMD LED lamp beads mainly used?

I said, there are actually quite a lot of applications.

for example:
1. Electronic products: Red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp beads are often used in indicator lights, backlights, etc. of electronic products, such as mobile phones, TVs, computer motherboards, etc.
2. Lighting decoration: Red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp beads can be used for indoor lighting, holiday decorations, advertising signs, etc., to create a unique red light atmosphere and effect.
3. Automobile industry: Red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp beads can be used as vehicle instrument lights, ambient lights, etc., which greatly improves driving safety.
4. Medical field: Red light-emitting diode 0805 SMD LED lamp beads can be used in indicator lights and backlight sources of medical equipment to provide reliable and clear indication information.
5. Outdoor advertising: Red light-emitting diode 0805 LED lamp beads are often used in outdoor billboards, large-screen displays, etc., with clear and high-brightness display effects.

Next, I will also say that in addition to red light, blue light, and green light, 0805 is a commonly used small patch indicator lamp bead.

I once made a HUB head-up display for a customer, including 0805 red light, 0603 red light, white light, etc., and I selected solutions for him.

This customer said that white light and red light are the two most used lamp bead models in their solution selection.

I understand this.

Red LED 0805


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