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LED lamp beads are used in photography fill lights and flash lights



During the three-year epidemic, short videos have developed rapidly, and live streaming has become more and more popular. Photographers have begun to use various lighting equipment, including photographic lamp beads and flash lights to shoot people or objects brighter and clearer, while also increasing the image quality. A sense of layering and three-dimensionality. The use of flash can provide additional light in low light conditions to ensure the clarity and brightness of the picture. The demand for photography fill lights is also increasing, which poses new challenges to the spectrum, color rendering, color temperature, brightness and other aspects of fill lights and flashes.
Hailongxing specializes in the research and development and production of light-emitting diodes. It has done some research on lighting solutions and can provide personalized services and recommendations according to customer requirements. Let’s take a look at the applications of photography fill lights and flash electroluminescent light sources. Solutions and Recommendations

​Recommend 5mm round head high display in-line lamp beads

Small portable led photography light fill light

Its principle is to use LED lights to provide additional light sources to enhance the brightness and clarity of photo shooting. Fill light usually consists of several LED lights. Live selfie beauty square flat light with baffle LED light can supplement the light around the camera, making the photos clearer and softer Recommended models: 2835 high display, 5050 high display

Recommended model 5050RGB 2835 pure white, 2835 warm white

The above is the application of LED lamp beads on keyboards and mice. Hailongxing has been focusing on the production and sales of direct plug-in LED and SMD lamp beads for 17 years. We have a good sense of service, fast and timely service. We are small but precise and serve customers well. Only then can customers introduce us to more customers. We It relies on word of mouth. It's better for you to say a thousand words than for a customer to say a word.

We provide direct plug-in LEDs and SMD lamp beads, test samples and proofing for you free of charge, provide specifications and technical parameters, application technical solution consultation, and customized processing services. We are the source manufacturer, not a middleman. We speak with quality, not with our mouths.

SMD 2835


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