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The positive and negative poles of 5050 SMD lamp beads



5050 chip lamp beads usually have four electrodes, two of which are positive electrodes and the other two are negative electrodes. So how to judge the positive and negative electrodes of SMD LEDs? The following is a common method to determine the positive and negative poles of 5050 SMD lamp beads: Determining the positive and negative poles of 5050 lamp beads

Observe the appearance: The positive and negative poles of the 5050 SMD lamp beads can usually be judged by their appearance characteristics. Under normal circumstances, the 5050 SMD lamp bead LED is square. One of the four right angles has a missing corner, which is the place of the small circle. The other corners have no missing corners. The end with the missing corner is the negative electrode.

5050 patch missing corner


For a digital multimeter, select the diode setting, and touch the red and black test leads to both ends of the LED. When the LED is glowing, the red test lead is in contact with the positive electrode, and the other end is the negative electrode. *If you can see it, take it out and take a look. have

Use a voltmeter to measure, select the maximum range of the voltmeter, use wires to connect the switch in series to the two poles of the power supply, quickly open and close the switch. If the pointer of the meter is found to deflect forward, it means that the positive connection of the voltmeter is the positive pole. On the contrary, it is the negative pole

The above is the judgment of the positive and negative poles of 5050 SMD lamp beads. How do you judge it? How to judge 5050 light-emitting diodes? Let’s work together and learn together

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