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Precautions for using SMD lamp beads




Precautions for using SMD lamp beads

1. Cleaning

Do not use unknown chemical liquids to clean SMD LEDs

When cleaning is necessary, immerse the SMD LED beads in alcohol and let them dry naturally for 15 minutes in a normal room for less than 1 minute before starting use

After sealing the packaging bag, it should be stored in a temperature range of<40 ° C, humidity of<90%, and a shelf life of 12 months. When the shelf life is exceeded, it needs to be re baked.


Before opening the packaging, please check if there is any air leakage inside the packaging bag. If there is any air leakage, please bake it again before use.

Please use under the following conditions after opening: temperature,<30 degrees Celsius, humidity below 60% RH; If the usage time exceeds 24 hours, the following baking needs to be done before use

Baking conditions: The product is baked in an oven at a temperature of 70 ℃ plus or minus 5 ℃; Relative humidity ≤ 10% RH; Time: 24 hours, remove the product from the treasure bag and bake it. During the baking process, do not open the oven.


Manual welding operation

The amount of iron used must be less than 25W

The temperature of the complex iron must be maintained below 290 degrees Celsius

The welding time cannot exceed 3 seconds.

Use iron or hands during welding. Tools should not come into contact with the epoxy resin part

After welding, let it cool down to a temperature below 40 degrees Celsius before packaging

Reflow soldering

Reflow information curve reference

SMD lamp beads


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