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What are the factors of the quoted price of led lamp beads



I believe that many LED bead industries are very cautious about the price quotation of LED beads; LED lamp beads have high brightness, adjustable luminous angle, installation and length can be customized according to requirements. So what is the difference between the conventional and customized price of LED lamp beads? Today, we wrote an article about the price of led beads. What are the factors that determine the price of led beads

The technology of the ed lamp bead LPE is relatively low, and it is mainly used for general light-emitting diodes, while the MBE has a high level of technology, which is easy to grow very thin epitaxial crystals with high purity and good flatness, but the mass production capacity is low, and the growth rate of epitaxial crystals is slow. In addition to its high purity and good flatness, MOCVD also has a faster mass production capacity and epitaxial growth rate than MBE. Therefore, MOCVD is now mostly used to produce MOCVD. First, GaAs substrate is put into an expensive organic chemical vapor deposition furnace (MOCVD, also known as epitaxial furnace), and then the alkyl compound (methyl or ethyl) vapor of group III and II metal elements and the hydride (or alkyl) gas of nonmetal (V or VI group elements) are introduced, At high temperature, pyrolysis reaction occurs to generate III-V or II-VI group compounds and deposit them on the substrate, and a compound semiconductor epitaxial layer with a thickness of only a few microns (1 mm=1000 microns) is grown. GaAs wafers with epitaxial layers are also known as epitaxial wafers. After the LED bead quotation epitaxial chip is processed by the chip, it can be sent when it is powered on? Pure monochromatic light, such as red, yellow, etc. Different materials, different growth conditions and different epitaxial layer structures can change the luminescence?

High-efficiency and energy-saving SMD LED lamp beads are the focus of an industrial upgrading, and are known as the beginning of a new revolution in the lighting field. They integrate many advantages, such as environmental protection, short life, high efficiency and energy saving, high color rendering, no stroboscopic, no UV, no mosquitoes, instant start, wide voltage working range, wide working temperature range, and so on. Its environmental protection advantage is energy-saving lighting products. If we replace 10% of the conservative light sources in the country with led beads every year, we can save 9 billion kilowatt-hours, equivalent to reducing 8.64 million tons of carbon dioxide. At present, LED products have also penetrated into all fields of social life. The following is a comparison of several commonly used lamps and LED lamps to quantify the advantages of LED lamps. It can be easily seen from the above table that the power consumption of the LED bead is 1/10 of that of the incandescent lamp. The energy-saving efficiency of energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes with large current consumption is more than 50%, completely avoiding the harmful and lethal mercury in energy-saving lamps or fluorescent tubes. The damage of 36w fluorescent tube may cause the mercury vapor content in the ambient air to exceed the national standard by more than 2000 times. The quotation of LED lamp beads is related to static electricity. It is a very important work for the electronic industry to prevent static electricity from damaging electronic components. Enterprises that package and apply LED lamp beads should not take it lightly. If any link goes wrong, it will cause damage to the LED bead, and make the performance of the LED bead worse or even invalid. We know that human body (ESD) static electricity can reach about 3000 volts, which is enough to break down and damage the LED bead chip. It is also important to check whether the grounding resistance of various equipment in the LED bead packaging production line meets the requirements. Generally, the grounding resistance is required to be 4 ohms, and in some cases where it is required to be high, the grounding resistance should even reach ≤ 2 ohms. The damage of human body static electricity to the LED bead is also great. Wear anti-static clothing when working, Equipped with electrostatic ring. The electrostatic ring should be well grounded. There is a kind of electrostatic ring that does not need to be grounded. The anti-static effect is not good. It is recommended not to use this kind of product. If the staff violates the operating regulations, they should receive the corresponding warning education, and also play the role of informing others. The amount of static electricity carried by the human body and the quoted price of led lamp beads are related to the clothes of different fabrics worn by people and their physiques. It is easy to see the discharge phenomenon between clothes when we take off clothes in the dark of autumn and winter. The voltage of this electrostatic discharge is 3000 volts. The above is an article described by Hailongxing Optoelectronics about the price of LED lamp beads, for reference only! Consult our customer service for the price of LED lamp beads

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