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LED light-emitting diodes used in electronic cases



In-line LED  diodes used in electronic cases are generally used in electronic products such as keyboards, mice, mobile phones, speakers, switches, etc. The light-emitting diode has a light-emitting unit, and the light-emitting colors include red, blue, green, white, and colorful effects. The applied products are square LED lamp beads, 5mm round head lamp beads, 3mm round head plug-in LED, straw hat lamp beads, high colloid. Colloidal colors include: transparent, foggy, blue, red, green, yellow, etc.
5mm in-line LED red light is used on the mouse. For example, the power indicator light at the bottom of the mouse uses in-line LED, which can provide a good indication of whether the mouse is working properly.

SMD LEDs are applied to speakers, and change into different colors corresponding to different changes according to the music.

Hailongxing focuses on the R&D and production of mid-to-high-end light-emitting diodes, including in-line LEDs, SMD LEDs, COB, high-power and other optoelectronic products. The company introduces automated production equipment for high-precision testing and adopts official standard facilities for purification and anti-static. Class-level dust-free workshop closed operations, refined management integrated into production

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