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It can be placed on the PCB circuit board and arranged in a straight line in the order of red, green and blue, and controlled by a dedicated driver chip to form endlessly changing colors and graphics. The shell is made of flame-retardant PC plastic, which has high strength, impact resistance, anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, dust-proof, and moisture-proof. LED guardrail tubes have the advantages of low power consumption, no heat, impact resistance, and long life. With a controller, you can achieve effects such as flowing water, gradients, jumps, and chases. If used in large-area projects, connected to a computer synchronization controller, patterns can also be displayed. Animated video-equivalent LED digital full-color lamps can form an analog LED display. The analog display can provide various full-color effects and dynamic displays. Image characters can be controlled offline or connected to a computer for synchronous control; a variety of full-color dynamic effects can be displayed

LED  application  PCBA
Product consistency is good. Strong resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-static, low heat generation, no radiation, long life (low carbon and more environmentally friendly), low light attenuation, high brightness, the product is potted with epoxy resin to completely seal the internal circuit of the lamp body and achieve waterproofing Weather resistance. After passing the national system 9001 safety certification, all products are fully inspected and shipped.

Hailongxing Optoelectronics focuses on the research and development and production of mid-to-high-end LED light-emitting diodes, including  LED DIODE, SMD LED, high-power, COB and other optoelectronic products. Based on the actual application needs of customers, we can provide effective application solutions, provide a variety of R&D design suggestions, and various customized products to fully meet the different needs of customers. Products are widely used in traffic instructions, beauty and health care products, large and small household appliances, electronic digital products, smart products, computer peripheral products, automotive electronics, toys and gifts, security products, mobile communications and many other production fields.

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