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High power LED lamp selection



Dazzling array of market led high-power lamp products, each big enterprise in order to enhance the market competitiveness, increase market share, many enterprises also provides customized services, even so, many lighting companies, or do not choose high power LED lamp, because still exist some enterprises in order to reduce the cost, the false parameters to deceive customers, so lighting enterprises in the purchase of products, to detect the parameters of the products is very important, seamounts Hing Wai day adhering to the "good products, low prices, good service" management philosophy, adhere to the, to provide customers with the best quality products, to reassure customers will used to detect re cooperation.

High power LED lamp is generally chosen from the following 9 aspects to analyze

1, LED brightness

Generally speaking, the brightness of the LED is different, the price will be different, the higher the brightness, the higher the price. Shenzhen light source manufacturers in the supply of high power light source, 1W, 30-50lm, 80-120lm, 1W, 1W,, 30-50lm, 20-30lm, and 1W, the average intensity of the red light is generally.

Hailong Xing photoelectric provide large power light source in brightness are than other enterprises eclipsing, seamounts Xing photoelectric 1W red brightness 50-60lm, 1W green brightness for 120-130lm, 1W yellow brightness is 50 - 60lm and seamounts Xing Wei electric skylight in the production is white, warm white beads on has the advantage, brightness up 200lm/w.

LED lens: a lens generally with PMMA, PC, optical glass, silica gel (soft silica gel, silicone) and other materials. The higher the angle is, the higher the efficiency of the light, the light to shoot far, and the LED lens with a small angle.

2, anti-static ability

LED, long life, high resistance to static electricity, and therefore the price is high. The 700V can be used for LED lighting with more than LED.

3, wavelength

Wavelength consistent LED, the same color, such as the requirements of the same color, the price is high. No LED color device manufacturers are difficult to produce pure color products.

White light into the warm color (color temperature 2700-4000K) and white (color temperature 5500-6000k), cool white (color temperature 7000K above) Europeans prefer warm white.

Red: band 600-680, 620630 of which are mainly used for stage lights, 690 close to infrared

Blue light: band 430-480, in which 460465 stage lights used more.

Green: band 500-580, in which 525530 stage lights used more.

4, leakage current

LED is a single direction of the light emitting body, if there is a reverse current, then known as leakage, leakage current LED, a short life, low prices.

5, luminous angle

Uses different LED its luminous angle is not the same. Special light angle, the price is higher.

6, life

Different quality is the key of life, life is decided by the light fades. A small decline, long service life, long service life, high price.

7, LED chip

LED emitter for the chip, different chips, the price difference is very big. Japan, the United States of the chip is more expensive, Taiwan and China local manufacturers LED chip prices lower than Japan, the United states.

8, chip size

The size of the chip to side said, chip size is generally: 28-45MIL, the quality of chip LED chips is better than small. The price is proportional to the size of the chip.

9, colloid

General LED's colloidal silica gel, with anti UV and fire retardant LED price is more expensive, high quality outdoor LED lighting should be UV and fire.

Hailong Xing electronics as a high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City, the company has the most advanced automatic solid crystal, wire, plastic injection, light color separation equipment and supporting performance superior detection equipment, won a number of independent patent of science and technology, master the latest packaging technology, using imported from the United States, Dow Corning optical silica gel, imported from the United States intematix phosphors, 99.99% pure gold wire welding.

The workshop of anti-static, dust-proof, strict control and guard. All staff and customers and related personnel to enter our production workshop, we must do a good job in the prevention of static electricity can enter, all of our equipment and machinery in the relevant personnel under the guidance of proper and ground.



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