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Domestic intermediaries maddening overseas LED related



Recently, seven days (Beijing) Consulting Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as seven days) has been announced, the successful acquisition of Seiko (Seiko) in LCD, LED Nearly 220 pieces of patent technology and OLED, these patents will be used mainly for domestic operations. Experts said, through a professional intermediary intervention can effectively help domestic enterprises to improve the efficiency and quality of access to foreign patent, reduce domestic enterprises Overseas patent The cost and risk of acquisition. At the same time, help to broaden the China enterprises to obtain overseas patents Channel .


The shortage of domestic enterprises overseas patent

In fact, from the current development of domestic part of the industry, widespread imported technology from abroad and digest, gradually realize industry self-development, and to seek overseas development in this process. In the seven days, the acquisition of LCD LED patents as an example, the current global LCD industry development in Japan, South Korea, the basic form of the Three Kingdoms Chinese pattern. Statistics show that, as of now, the most active in the world patent market USA Japan, South Korea and other countries, the company has a number of patented LCD America more, in a leading position, Chinese submitted by the applicant to apply for a patent America less.


"With the application amount is inversely proportional to Chinese, in the LCD industry production capacity ranking, LCD become the industry's most important product processing and exporting." Seven days Longxiang chairman in an China intellectual property news reporters.


With the expansion of market share and profitability improved, China, LCD manufacturers are increasingly facing competition from the international intellectual property rights pressure.Therefore, has emerged in the development of industry, the patent application is relatively backward and the risk of overseas litigation case, China's LCD industry and the number of domestic enterprises overseas patent application does not match the momentum of rapid development, domestic enterprises need to make up the short board of overseas patent.


It is understood, seven days of overseas "prey", also attracted a lot of attention of domestic enterprises. "For the seven days of the acquisition of patents we are currently evaluating, Seiko is very competitive with its rivals, in the liquid crystal display, liquid crystal display with the globalization of the market and diversified products, mobile phone LCD device etc.. As the operator of the subject, the legal status of products, and belongs to the area of this series of patents involved is very important, we look forward to more information, follow-up may try to carry out relevant cooperation and seven days." LED Industry Patent Alliance Secretariat Deputy Secretary General Wang Hua said in an interview with this reporter, LED lighting and derivatives industry patent concentration and reserves will become the norm, LED industry patent alliance itself is also actively carry out the "LED industry patent protection collection plan".


Intermediary institutions play professional advantages

Reporters learned that, at present, the construction of domestic enterprises overseas patent database, to the vast majority of patent applications, very few cases with overseas patent acquisition. The overseas patent expensive, there are institutional barriers, the reason for the acquisition is difficult, but also because enterprises lack the ability to patent acquisition information sources and channels as well as screening, bargaining and other aspects of the patent. In recent years, domestic enterprises have successful cases overseas acquisition of patents, but are Huawei, such as Lenovo, Alibaba and other giants, small and medium-sized enterprises are rarely heard.

"Predictably, with part of the industry in our country and the increasing demand for overseas enterprises overseas patent, patent acquisition increases the demand. The patent operators involved, to play their own advantages, to meet the actual needs of enterprises with professional services." Cheung said, he found in the process of negotiations with Japan Inc, as Japan LCD industry shrinking, many enterprises have the intention to sell the patent, the patent resource has been in other countries and regions of non patent entity (NPE) aimed at, and once these patents are "patent trolls" overseas acquisition, probably as to the enterprises initiated patent infringement litigation Chinese weapons, so as to cause huge losses China LED enterprise and industry.

"In the role of intellectual property increasingly prominent, specialized agencies engaged in the operation is the inevitable product of patent, patent operators have their own advantages and channels, the future we hope to strengthen cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions, in 'the LED industry patent protection, patent information collection plan' development and utilization, the formation of patent pool to improve the quality and strengthen exchanges, to jointly improve the domestic LED enterprises and industry patent competition ability, for domestic enterprises' to 'provide intellectual property protection and out of service." Wang Hua said.


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